The 5 collection I’m taking note of for Men’s/ Women’s Fashion FW20 & SS21

One thing I love about fashion is that brands always are looking foward. Here are my favorite FW20 fashion shows from: @ambush_official , @area and @bode . As well as looking towards the future SS21 shows with : @jacquemus , and @casablancabrand.



Ambush showcase different geometric patterns, a colorpalette: range of blues ,black, denim, and oversized pants. Chunky boots and bold vintage jewerly. The makeup full of bold pink blush. The collection goes to the countryside for Autumn Winter “contemporary flair” and “layered with billowing linen trousers”.

My favorite seconds of the collection: womens wear (.01, .12, .31, .38 ) mens wear (.14 , .15, .18 , .21 , .25 , .36 )


I loved the millennial pink pantsuits and skirts with geometric patterns. The mint green dresses and jemmed tops and Area statement of small gems adding a nice glow to each piece. The color palette: ruby red, tan, sky blue,grey, silver and white. The hair is tyed as a accessory with little to no makeup.

My favorite seconds of fashion: ( .05, .16, .19, .26, .42 )


The collection is full of patches and bold color combinations paired with clogs, layering jackets and sweaters. Bode collection of patterns for the Education of Benjamin Bloomstein. Benjamin Blooomstein and Aaron Aujla founder the green river project a furniture line combine with Bloomstein childhood in Sufi.

My favorite seconds of fashion ( .03, .04, .05, .09, .14, .36, .38, .51)

Bode sources 1



The L’Amour SS21 collection took the setting to the wheat field. The setting connect to the resign of the pieces being bloosy and airy. The color pallete full of cream white , dark blue, pastel yellow , and pops of millanial pinks. I enjoy the simplicity of the cuts and design of each piece from the a line skirt to the crop jackets.

My seconds of fashion ( .01, .07, .18, .25, and .36 )


The cinematography of After the Rain Comes The Rainbow displaying a unique way of a fashion show. Capturing each piece from different angles and close-ups. Silk shirts with sunsets and Palm trees. When I think Casablanca I feel like I’m ready to travel somewhere on a private jet luxurious. The collection is focused on images in visuals out sketches of beautiful paintings from prints full of color in life very summer element. Accessories start with squareglasses , pearl necklaces , and scarfs paired with suits.

My second of fashion ( .03, .06, .09, .11, .21, .31, 35, .46, and .49)

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Cover photo

Using the app: Layout on IPhone for collage

List of brands used in the picture:







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