Pastel visuals & Quarantine Tips

During this Quarantine I wanted to put together a special mood board that shows things people can do during this quarantine. Using social media as a platform to share y’all some my favorite photographers and visual artist.

For all of the busy people in the world all I want to write is to continue to take care of yourself and sleep as much as possible if you have the chance. Relatively in general having a good beauty routine is to me just as important to me as a person mental health. This inspired to make this post.

Recharge the body

@yomagick @knowthismind

I would describe this photo as a daydream, a breath of fresh air. When I notice the bed of flowers I can imagine walking into a flower shop. Then when I see the ladder going up to series of clouds its emeditly reminds me of dream. The dream of finally having the time for this body recharge giving your body the sleep you need.

Going Outside to Eat the new luxury

@aimeesong @songofstyle

Grab your mask, cook/ buy a meal and call your friends or yourself with a picnic. The best way to enjoy nature and keeping a 6ft distance and others safe. While having the best brunch and by making it your own. Quarantine has allowed me to want to go outside and do anything a picnic.

Wearing Pastel fits that make you look and feel good

@thesolesupplier @nike
@exquisite_eye @eboneedavis @nizzlalucy @styledbytati @elysethoms

Causal streetwear to upscale fashion in a cozy way makes it perfect to: catch on things at home to taking a photo shoot. This takes inspiration from the Clean & Cozy Collection like The Art of Comfort full of all lavender palette outfit.

Trying something new

@urbanoutfitter @uosanframcisco

Whether that is cooking in the kitchen to find a pair of roller skates try something new it can turn into a new hobby.

Accessories comfort my masked look

@nyane Hair: @temperhair Nail: @max_fl88

Wearing a mask is the safest option but also one of the hardest for my lovers of fashion. I found way change up my outfits to suit my mask. Then I finally came to the conclusion to use makeup jewelry such as earrings hair clips and rings. This was perfect to distract from the make up are usually wear under the mask but still safe.

Keep up with Time


The one thing I’ve heard most often in these times of quarantine. The days are turning more together in weeks and weeks become months. Planners and calendars are harder to keep up with staying so still. Using timers helps me finish one thing or several things in increments of time. When it comes to setting goals I look to my bullet journal and YouTube are blank for inspiration.

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