Pool of positivity (Clean & Cozy Collection )

Today I take the approach of my Clean and Cozy collection differently by using symbolism through animals. I picked the Coy Fish to represent positivity . Red Koi Fish in Japan means good luck , abundance, and perseverance and in Buddhism means courage. These words of positive affirmations I wanted to represent in one look. My thoughts on this look were to create a beautiful fit with a deeper meaning outside the realm of fashion. The brands used have also been using their platform for COVID 19 relief.

I started with Melody Ehani the One Plant earrings statement which represents everyone being in quarantine together. Next for makeup I used Viseart warm blush palette rose/corals to show all the colors of the Koi fish. In my vision I would start with the medium to dark rose coral shades in the mid lid and the lighter shades of the rose/corals in the crease. In addition the Dior SoStellaire02 round acetate glasses give a unique twist on the look.

According to Allure Dior plans to make mask for essential workers.


April, according to Macron, the goal is for facial mask factories in France to increase production from 3.3 million to 10 million per week.

Emmanuel Marcon explains

For the lips I wanted to keep it bold in colors that match the Koi fish using two shades of purple/red tint for the lip. First lip liner Bite Beauty Powermoves Matte Lip crayon in Brandy following the the Kosa Weightless Royal lipstick. I topped it off with the Glass Slipper Fenty Beauty gloss and warm Match Stix Shimmer in ‘Ridiic’ for a golden shade.

In the time of COVID 19 it’s about helping people. Rihanna, the Clara Lionel Foundation founder and all around entrepreneur donated $5 million to multiple organizations fighting coronavirus.

Rihanna and JAY-Z Join Forces to Fight COVID-19
Rihanna and JAY-Z Join Forces to Fight COVID-19

“Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation donated $5 million to multiple organizations around the world fighting the coronavirus pandemic, including Partners in Health, Direct Relief, Feeding America, the International Rescue Committee, the World Health Organization and her home country of Barbados.”

Rolling Stones

Moisture is essential especially during this time of keeping yourself clean & safe while doing everything you can to stop the spread of the Corona Virus. Glossier hand and glow ‘ Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream’ has fast absorption and intense hydratation. Emily Weiss ( Glossier founder & “Into the Gloss “writer) is donating their products to the healthcare workers.

Glossier “COVID-19” insta stories
Glossier “COVID-19” insta stories
Glossier “COVID-19” insta stories
Glossier “COVID-19” insta stories

Over the past month, we’ve donated thousands of Glossier balms, face mists, and moisturizers to support these teams…. Starting today, we want to give the first 10,000 Hand Creams to the hands that need it most.

Glossier took to Instagram @glossier

I pieced all the beauty products together with the Issey Miyake Bao Bao makeup bag. For the jewelry I wanted it to symbolize the idea of positivity. I used all Foundrae which represents the message. I started with the Heavy Belcher Course Correction necklace , stated below is what the compass represents.

“Life is a continual process of adjusting one’s course to align better”.

I paired the necklace with the Resilience Thin Band Foundrae which captures poetic words of wisdom.


Resilience. Wild, abundant and untamed, the blossoms are fed with passion and continue to bloom, even in darkness, against adversity.

Foundrae website

I was inspired by taking fashion and seeing it from a different perspective. During this time I’ve learned about new pieces & featured some of the messages I felt were worth sharing.

02 Blush Pallete Rose/Corals

Viseart Paris


Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick

Ridiic (Golden Payaya)

Fenty Beauty


Weightless Lip Color




Powermoves Creamy Matte Lip Crayon


Bite Beauty


Gloss Bomb Universal Luminizer

Glass Slipper

Fenty Beauty



Makeup Trousse

Bao Bao

$242 ($345 original price)

DiorSoStellaire02 round acetate

Dior Eyewear



Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream




One Plant earring

Melody Ehsani


Cartilage earrings

Night Sky 18k

£39.99 $

Heavy Belcher course correction necklace



Cover photo


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