Positivity & Peaceful Photography

The skyline is the one thing I can’t ever get over because watching the sunset is the perfect time to reflect. I take this time to bring the quotes from @wetheurban with some peaceful photography from artist: @dazedbeauty , @passionpassport , @tinycactus, @matialonsor & @samjsn to give you the visual to keep on going.

“Don’t dodge the process” – @wetheurban


  • “Be true to yourself, first ”
    Knowing what you want, aim for it, plan it, and do it be true to yourself.


  • “ Beating yourself up over the part won’t do you any good now.”
    Don’t overwhelm yourself take a step back and come back to it and take a steps to change it.


  • “Be serious about your peace and space”
    Take time for yourself is important to me weather that’s going outside or reading do something that isn’t a task but something that’s effortless.


  • “Live to impress yourself not others”
    Focus on you learn your own strength and see your growth.


-“Boundaries are for you not them. Forgiveness is for you, not them”
Go with your thoughts make the decision that best suit your interest to succeed.

  • hope y’all have a great day ✨✨

✨you got this✨

Cover photo

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