New Year – New Chapter

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! 2021 is officially here. Ever year, I try to find ways to improve my blog as well as myself. I can finally announce that I am taking off the curtain and revealing myself publicly through my new project. But before I explain I want to thank all of my viewers , visitors and followers for always being there for me.

The Backstory

I’m always amazed to see my global audience growing every months and one day I can’t wait to meet all of you in person. I’m now in my senior year of High School but when I launched my blog it was the end of the summer of 7th grade and the start of 8th grade. I didn’t fully publish my 1st blog post until I was in 8th grade at the age of thirteen .The way I found my high end brands was by going to the malls and boutiques with my Mom or Dad over the weekend. I would talk to the specialist about their newest autumn/winter or spring/summer collections. I would take notes on the brands and use them in my looks. I would work on my blog during my travels on the school bus and my free time on the weekend. During February of 2017, around Valentines Day I gave out M&M’s with three different images: one had my face on it , another said Lovechiclifestyle, and the last said Lifestyle Blogger. Even though, it didn’t get the hype I was looking for it was my first big step in promoting my brand in Middle School. While in High School and researching colleges I realized the title “Lifestyle Blogger” wasn’t labeled as a major in college. However, I found the study of Journalism, Mass Communication with a minor in Photography. This was a major that matched my passion for sharing content on my blog with a minor that matched the visual aspect. I explain all this to say thank you for viewing , liking , commenting and following my journey because it truly means a lot to me.

February 15,2017
February 15,2017
February 15,2017
February 15,2017

The Stef & Ny Channel

I always wanted to show the face behind the looks , but I was filled with questions. How? and When? I’ve always had a close connection with my mother. She was a major reason for my love of high end fashion and putting looks together. Because of our close connection I branched out of my shell to start a Mother-Daughter YouTube Channel. The Stef & Ny Channel is the story of a divorced single mother & daughter as we walk through my senior year of high school during COVID-19. You will see my journey and the relationship between a mother and daughter. If our journey is one that you enjoy please like, follow & subscribe .

Don’t worry I am still working on new looks . My new project has taken a little more of my time than expected as I edit the content for each video we have filmed . However I’m excited about starting off the New Year , ready to inspire with new Love Chic Lifestyle looks.

Join the family and hope you enjoy!

Love Chic Lifestyle
The Stef & Ny Channel



The Stef & Ny Channel
The Stef & Ny Channel (click link to view)
The Stef & Ny Channel

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