Spring Glisten

The new spring pastels are in season , blossoming in all the categories :beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. During this time of a pandemic, some may question why would you would want to wear makeup while everyone needs to wear a mask? My answer is that the beauty categories carry such a self-motivation and confidence boost while using the products, this allows the eyes to become the centerpiece for this new norm.

The one look that comes to mind this spring is the colorful wet liner looks I’ve showcased throughout my posts. Artists from Doja Cat to Yara Shahidi have been seen with stunning looks that have inspired me. I picked wet liner shades, Blueberry and Blushing seen on Glistening Cosmetics. For the base I used Peach Dusk from Rose Dendents , Pat McGrath palette to make the eye liner pop and the Nars lip glide. This look is paired with a strong skincare routine starting with the Rice Cleanser by Tacha. It uses ingredients like Japanese Rice Powder, a tradition used for generations that contains vitamins A, B2, B12, and E. I paired it with Kiehl toner with Apricot Oil and Avocado Oil used to balance and moisturize skin. In addition to the Belief that the True Cream Moisturizing Bomb stops dullness, uneven texture, and dryness on the face . I combine all of these essentials together in the Stephanie Johnskn cosmetic bag. The final touch is accessories starting with the Bonnie Clyde sunglasses in blush with a mint tint, and the words “ Don’t Look At Me” in small gold lettering. I compliment the accessories with a bold tarngerine orange Pearl Nova nail polish that matches the Significant Other mask. For jewelry I pick two Numbering rings and two-tone Shape of Water ear cuffs to bond the look. This beauty look is a suttle reminder that the temperatures are getting warmer and I’m starting the season with a pastel liner looks and a fresh mindset.

Yara Shahidi photo inspo.


Doja Cat photo inspo.



Wet liners

Glistening Cosmetics

£6.50 ( $10 )

Wet liners

Glistening Cosmetics

£6.50 ($10 )

Rose Dendents

Pat McGrath

$39 (original price $65 )

Lip Glide


$18.20 ( original price $26 )


Significant Others



Rice Cleanser





$12 ( 2.5oz ) – $18 ( 8.4oz )

True Cream Moisturizing Bomb



Accessories & Jewelry

Cosmetic Bag

Stephanie Johnskn


Sunglasses ‘ Show & Tell ‘

Bonnie Cylde


Shape of Water


₩150,000 ( $151.60 )

Silver N-Dia #3416 Ring



Silver N-Dia #3910 Bracelet



Background photo: Neighorpic

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