Vision board Autumn / Winter 21’ Fashion Show ( GCD , Blumarie, and Miu Miu )

During this time, while we are still dealing with a pandemic, I’ve noticed that fashion week had to be creative with staging their shows without a live audience. For the fashion shows mentioned below , I looked at a color palettes brighter than expected in the fall season. The looks are the essences of enjoying the outdoors, from ski slopes with Miu Miu, dressing up for events in Blumarie to running errands and going out on the town in GCDS. These are the shows that expressed the pop of color I’m looking forward to in the Autumn / Winter 2021 season.

Miu Miu

The snowy location of Cortina d’Ampezzo a little town in Italy. The use of lingerie mixed with skiwear was done by co-CEO and lead designer Miuccia Prada. The most common piece I notice were these furry over-the-knee boots, quilted puffers, different types of masks using thick knits. The moment that stuck with me was the knit face mask because it provides coverage and the design is meant to keep you warm through all of the elements.

Cinematography from: Miu Miu




The Blumarine show starts on a circular bed with a group of girls getting dressed for a day out. Nicola Brognano the creative director of Blumarine brought me back to a time where there was no FaceTime. Everyone was in one room talking and getting ready. I easily noticed that it paid homage to the early 2000’s. The common piece I noticed was the fur collar knit sweaters, the strapped over the knee heel, and the jeweled butterfly pieces. With a color palette of bold lime green, ruby red, and cheetah prints with colors from blush to yellow. I have so many favorites throughout this show but if I had to pick one piece it would be the off-the-shoulder fur collar dress.

Photography from : Blumarine




GCDS takes you on a trip to the store with a group of people. The designer of GCDS Giuliano Calza created a unique storyline for the show. It starts with a man at the store that loses his hearing which leads him to a dreamy runway show. Each look establish being at out at parties and get togethers . All of the models were in monochromatic fits that range from sports jacket & trousers to cut out dresses and fuzzy bodysuits. One of my favorite moments in the show was this water scene with the three models in a pond of bright blue water . The stage had waterfalls that separated them. It made the neutral dresses they wore pop.

Cinematography from : GCDS



Cover Photo

Cover Photo

Collaboration of all photos from fashion shows ( BLUMARINE, MIU MIU, & GCDS )

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