The Art Self Expression

Beauty is what you make of it. It connects to the biggest organ of the body, the skin. Which is unique based on your skin type just like makeup alines with your own perspective. This brought me to the idea of focusing on the meaning of self-expression which goes hand and hand with Pride month being proud of who you are.

This inspired me to start with the Patrick Ta bold red lipstick. For the skincare, I used the Glossier foam-based Cleanser Concentrate to refine the pores. Next is the SPF 30 Sunscreen from Fenty Skin followed by the Milk Makeup Face Oil. I wanted to switch up this skincare look by adding a few pops of color with the Split Liner from Glistening Cosmetic. I would use dark pink, teal blue, and metallic green with Nars Mata Hari blush. I referred to Glistening Cosmetics in my previous look (Spring Glisten) where I wrote about the comeback of colorful eyeliner. I wrapped this look together with the body shimmer from Bioglitz. On the hunt to find a special bag for this look. I stumbled upon the Balenciaga Sneakerhead handle bag paired with the Pride Heart keychain. For accessories, I choose the Automic Gold rose and bee rings and Melody Ehsani‘s “Masculine / Feminine” earrings. I picked the Le Collection mask with the same color pattern as my Balenciaga bag. If I can define a scent for this look it would be the exotic Rosalita candle from Boy Smells (which is apart of the Pride Bundle with 5 other candles) which mixes sweet Turkish rose petal and spicy Saffron. Makeup to me shows our differences and expresses yourself in a way you feel most proud of.


Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen

Fenty Skin


Cleanser Concentrate



Sunshine Oil

Milk Makeup



Opulence Split Liner

Glisten Cosmetics


Major Beauty Headline Matte Suede Lipstick

She’s Not from Here

Patrick Ta





Full Bloom



Bags & Accessories

Sneaker Head Small Top Handle Bag



Pride Coin Purise Strap



Feminine/ Masculine Earring

Melody Ehsani


Bee Ring

Solid 14k Gold

Automic gold


Rose Ring

Solid 14k Gold




Boy Smell


Cover Photo

Here Makeup Artist you should follow

Check them out !!!!





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