Life is a Movie at Camps Bay  ( Nike Low Dunk Collection 22’)

Seeing the rise of the Nike Low Dunks featured in hundreds of colorways and collaboration, it inspired me to create the Low Dunk Collection. In the collection, each of my Women’s and Menswear fashion and travel looks will feature a new style Low Dunk paired in a look. One of my main motivations for creating this collection is the specific places to travel. During the summer when many people take trips and attend events the Nike Low Dunk has been in my opinion the summer sneaker.  

      I started this look with the Stussy film graphic tee paired with the F/CE and loose fit cargo short. The Stussy tee film photography design tee reminded me of summer picking Camps Bay as my location. I used the Nike Low Dunk Low Scrap sneakers with the colorway of orange, blue, and tan. The orange seen in the low dunk is paired with a yellow-orange Jacquemus Le messenger shoulder bag. I picked this tote to fit a few essential items.

            When traveling I think your wallet should carry music, this being the Beats Fit Pro. The Beats have 6 hours of playtime which allow enough time to walk Camps Bay for hours. When I think of summer, I think of lemon/ lime(coriander) and aquatic notes which allow me to pick the Sailing Days Margiela Replica perfume. The fragrance bottles decorative blue color matches the wide Versace shades. The shade’s wide frame, blue tint, and rapper Biggie-style sunglasses which I paired with the Kith cap. For jewelry, I went with a chunky silver-tone theme with the ALYX studio belt buckle design and Alexander McQueen 3 layers ring design.

            When picturing this look, I see a visual of the people walking the landscape of the Apostle mountains, while enjoying the summer heat. More than just watching sunsets , Camp Bay is home to the series SAF3 which is made by creators of Baywatch, where each photo taken is more significant than the last. Expect this Low Dunk collection to feature new locations to add to your travel list, l starting with the sunny beaches of Camp Bay.

The Low Dunks of choice:

Nike Low Dunk Low Scrap sneakers

Reference photos

Biggie photo

Bay watch cover photo

Cover photo of Camp Bay, South Africa  

Low Dunk Collection feature:

Dunk Low Scrap Sneakers




Photo Film Shirt



Cargo Shorts




Sailing Day Perfume

Margiela Replica



Orange Maxi Medusa Biggie Sunglasses



“K” Cap



Shoulder Bag




Triple Hoop Ear Cuff

Alexander Mc Queen


Chain buckle bracelet

1017 ALYX 9SM



Beats Fit Pro

Stone Purple  

Beats By Dre


Cover photo

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