Fresh Mindset in Curitiba Botanical Garden ( Low Dunk Collection)

Before starting the New Year I wanted to reflect on the sneaker that I’ve seen in hundreds of colorways and a series of styles with the Low Dunk Collection. The Green Bonsai Nike Low Dunks released in 2004 is based on the “Hemp Pack” holiday which happens every year on April 20th. It has a timeless quality that is different from the new Low Dunk release such as the Pandas. I would wear this sneaker in a landscape full of exotic greenery with a relaxing atmosphere. Curitiba Botanical Garden in Cuburita, Brazil is a “solitary monument dedicated to the beauty of nature” (Atlas Obscura). The garden has more than 6,500 species of plants, up to 140 types of birds, and about 1,200 photos that spread over a 100-year span of the garden.
Accessories are the essential items to complete the look, I kept the Low Dunks green colorway to symbolize “freshness” and represent new beginnings. The bleaching effect on the MSGM shirt has a DIY quality while the workwear RUF x Highsnobiety pants are functional. The two pieces remind me of working on your passion by wearing the right gear. While the garden is a place for a fresh mindset of inspiration that gives a feeling of accomplishment while working on my own. The Casablanca Airways silk scarf matches the theme of traveling with the plane graphic design paired with the green theme accessories.  The Telfar mint shopping tote is a deep carry-on you can use to put all your essential items including the green Bottega Venta iPhone case, Bottega Venta green sunglasses, and Z Zegna bucket hat. The mini deep green Studs symbolize luck while the Ace being the highest card in a card deck shows power and success for the gold Ace of spade Studs earrings. The beauty of this garden is it can be a source of inspiration for the new year. It can also be a vacation where someone can have a fresh mindset and gain new experiences.

Low Dunk Collection

Green Bonsai Low Dunk


The look

Short Sleeve Shirt



GreenWork Pants

RUF X Highsnobiety



Medium Tote Shopping Bag



Bucket Hat

Z Zegna

$154 ( original price $350 )

White Airway Silk Scarf

Casa Blanca



Bottega Venta


IPhone 13 Pro Case


Bottega Venta



Mini CZ Studs


$36 (pair) $18 (single)

Ace of Spade Huggies ( unavailable)


replacement: Ace Huggies

Color Palette

Cover Photo

Atlas Obscura

Cover Image

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