Snow Days in Japan ( The Low Dunk Collection)

Three things that come to my mind during the holiday season: friends and family spending time at the dinner table, traveling on vacation before the new year or relaxing on break. I wanted mix this idea of the holiday season with an outfit that works for any occasion. Whether experiencing the winter adventure through cross country courses, snow rafting, or focusing on health and wellness while enjoying hot spring baths and spas. I set this look in the Mountains of Niseko Annupuri in Hokkaido, Japan at Green Leaf Niseko Village.

I vision the transparent cable knit Isa Boulder sweater layered over top of the Andrej Gronau off-the-shoulder sweater giving both items credit.  I paired it with Acne Studios brown corduroy trousers that matched the colorway of the Nike Cherry Pink and Brown Low Dunks Stussy edition. The best part of fashion other than the layering at this time of year are the limited edition Christmas collaborations. I used the Kith, Kithmas blanket and Kith fingerless gloves I pictured using while watching movies with the view of  the skyline of the Niseko mountains. In cold temperatures having a thick scarf such as the Acne Studios scarf and hat like C.P Company Khanki earflap made from recycled nylon material is essential. But to add a little glitz for the holidays the Shushu / Tong white flower earrings and the Loewe Cat eye sunglasses made this look special.  Thick puffer jackets and holiday drinks tie in the puffer Stand Studio bag with the Bottega Venta wallet along with the café cup Kitume keychain. Since Nieseko, Japan can reach 28 to 19 degrees , I found the Hidrate Spake Pro water bottle. It helps set hydration goals through its HidrateSpark App is set up to monitor the persons body and activity levels. The changing color of LED lights on the bottom adds a nice touch and you can carry warm drinks while staying hydrated. The holiday season is more than just aesthetic photos it is special items such as these that make the experience special.

 Happy holidays everyone and I wish the best in the New Year.


Green Leaf Niseko Village

Images: @niskovillage

Color Palette

Low Dunk Collection

Stussy x Dunk Low Pro SB “ Cherry”



Image: @overpeople

The Look

Exclusive White Chucky

Isa Boulder

$421 ($610 original price)

Pink Slip Shirt

Andrej Gronau


Brown trousers

Acne Studio



Puffer Jacket

Stand Studio

$270 ( original price $207 )


Bottega Venta


Headwear / Eyewear &  Jewelry

Flower Earring


$128 ( original price $200 )

Cat Eye Sunglasses



Multi Check Scarf

Acne Studios


Khaki Earflap Chrome R Cap

C.P Company



Kithmas Cable Knit Gloves



Kithmas Tapestry Blanket



Hidrate Spark Pro

Hidrate Spark


Black Café Kitsune up Keychain

Café Kitsune

$27 ( original price $35 )

Cover Photo

Photographer : @sorajiro_photo

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