The Bape Café Aesthetic

This Low Dunk Collection is about the range in using a series of different Nike’s to match the setting. I chose the Se Jackpot (GS) Dunk Lows to frame this Bape Ape inspired look. The black and white colorway is common and can easily work with any color palette. This look is best shown through the Pandas success.

Often I chose statement pieces to start the look but the scenery of the Bape Café?! was the main attraction. This café is located in Harbour City, Hong Kong and blends the Bape Ape retails space with its café. I imagine myself in the Bape Café?! ordering Bape Burger with Crispy Golden Truffle Fries. The restaurant features camouflage print Bape Ape sofa as well as a boutique experience with the added retail space.

The pleats Thom Browne skirt reminds me of a private school uniform and was inspired by my life as a student. The Dion Lee top has a open sleeve with symmetrical details that wrap around the arms paired with the Bape Ape jacket. This layering piece keeps you prepared for any change of climate. Music will always create an experience, the Apple Air Max sleek features with active noise cancellation and transparency mode allowing you to interact with outside noises. Coordinating with this look the Baboon to the Moon Go Bag Mini in Jasper Green and Bape Ape wallet is complimenting your computer or laptop . Use these items to gain inspiration while at work or hanging out with old friends. The marble Off-White glasses feature blue light lenses for long hours on the computer they serves as a benefit when protecting your eyes at work. The jewelry and accessories are gold tone with a Camouflage accent and include Swarovski earrings and Bape Ape Watch band. I choose red as a pop of color to compliment this majority-muted achromatic look with Nars liquid lipstick in Vain and lipliner Mougins . My moto is when you look good you feel good when I wear something that is coordinated I feel prepared to get work done. This looks sets you in an environment that allows you to connect with your surroundings while creating great ideas for the future.

Bape Cafe?!

Pauline De Leon/ Hypebae

Low Dunk Collection

Se Jackpot (GS) Dunk Lows

Atmos Kulala Lumpur

Color Palette: Cooler app

The Look

STA Patched Flight Jacket

Bape Ape


Open Long sleeved fitted top

Dion Lee


4 Bar Pleated Skirt

Thom Browne

$750 ( original price $1,150)


Go Bag – Mini

Jasper Green

Baboon to Moon


Accessories / Beauty


PowerMatte Lip Pigment




Lip Liner





Blue Light Glasses

Optical Style 15



AirPods Max




Camo Wallet

Bape Ape


Neon Camo Watch Band

Bape Ape


Hoop Earring


$240 ( $300 original price)

Cover photo

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