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I turned the typical all black look into a chic glamorous look . As always I take one or two pieces and base a look off of those items. As I scroll through my social media feed I noticed the suit has been taking a postivite fashion turn. A suit to me represents “holding your ground” stepping into a room and owning every word you speak.

Everyone is different that’s why I wanted to add the cutout slim fit Rokh blazer. I wanted give a Charlie’s Angels vibe I added the 16arlington patent leather pant. The Christaphor Kane shoes add a unquie glamorous touch . For accessories I started with a mini black Area handbag that reminds me of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Using the Eberhard & Co, Gilda Mother of Pearl’s watch. The accessories are completed with a chic Petite Grand earrings complimented by the Foundrae necklace . A final beauty touch up with nude Nars lipstick and a warm rosey eye. All these pieces come together to own a statement look.

Cover page posted on Instagram: @anokyai

Instagram tags

Cover page posted @anokyai – Anok Yai

  • @stevenkleinstudio – Steven Klein
  • @samuel_ellis – Samuel Ellie Scheinman
  • @pattiwilson – Patti Wilson
  • @efarneti – Emanuele Farneti
  • @pg_dmcasting – Piergiorgio Del Moro
  • @gb65 – Giovanni Bianco
  • @garrennewyork – Garren
  • @diane.kendal – Diane Kendal

Slim fit blazer



Patent leather pants


$454 (original price $909)


Christopher Kane



Patent leather bag w/ crystals





Erotic Adventure



Voyageur mini eyeshadow Palette





Gilda watch / Mother of Pearls dial

Eberhard & Co


Atlantis drop earrings

Petite Grand


Yellow and white 18k gold



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