ICY Park Athleture Dress code – IVY PARK x Adidas collection

In these looks I want to express my love for the Ivy Park Adidas “Icy Park” collection. I truly loved the commercial showcasing all the pieces. I was drawn by the different fabrics and the color stories they focused on for this Icollection. Today, I use a new layout with both men’s and Women’s look. Each have two different color stories but both keep you warm during the icy season.

In this collection, I started with the statement piece of the metallic bronze puffer coat. I pair it with the half zip Teddy jacket with the Adidas stripes using the colors blue /white. My next piece was a light blue track pants with Adidas stripes matching the Teddy jacket. I kept it simple with all white OG Ultraboost sneakers with logo socks. In addition, I added the must have accessory of a reflective face mask that you find in a three-pack. My final piece was white fanny pack that keeps your hands free while giving a fashion look. This look is a true essence of icy park it’s bundled up and ready for cold temperatures.


Reflective Face Covering 3-pack

$30 (original price)


Metallic Puffer Jacket

$600 (original price)

Half Zip Teddy Jacket

$170 (original price)

Nylon track pant

$140 (original price)

Logo sock 3 pair

$35 (original price)

White Ultra boost OG Sneakers

$260 (original price)


Oversized Waist Bag

$90 (original price)

The fuchsia and brown colorway fits best during this icy season. In the past women’s wear looks: Monochromatic Twist, and Fleece Teddy Bears Jamming to Future Nostalgia ( Clean & Cozy collection ). For me Brown , is a color I can pair with anything. My look starts with the monogram brown pants that cinch at the waist, and have zippers on the sides of each leg. Paired with a fuchsia sweater with the cutout bra which shares the same monogram as the pants. Accessories including socks, hats, and mask to add that special touch . I completed this warm-tone look with the platform white sneakers and Teddy Fanny pack. This brings together the essence of athleisure perfect for the Icy Season.


Monogram Face Cover

$30 (original price)


Latex Track Jacket

$130 (original price)

Medium-Support Monogram Cutout Bra

$70 (original price)

Cargo Hoodie

$95 (original price)

Monogram zipper pant

$130 (original price)

Logo sock 3 pair

(original price)

Super Super Sleek 72 Sneakers

$140 (original price)

Bags & Accessories

Shepa Belt Bag

$80 (original price)

Reversible Monogram Bucket Hat

$55 (original price)

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