Lime shades & Gleaming skin ( Space Jam Legacy Collection )

For this look my focus was using the lime green colors Space Jam campaign to guide this natural glow look. I started with the Space Jam x Casetify collaboration with the Tweety bird air tag used to protect any valuable item. I paired the air tag pair with the Caseitfy Marvin The Martan phone case. Any beauty look starts with skincare, the Glossier SPF and the hydrating body oil lets the skin be protected while still carrying a glow. In addition to improving the appearance of fine lines, blemishing, and dark stops with the Glossier Pro retinol. For the makeup I used the double sided liquid eyeshadow from Huda Beauty to give a matte and metallic touch perfect for a cat eye. For the lips I used the burnt orange Live tinted lipstick. I paired this with the light pink Danessa Myricks Beauty blush that can also be used for for the eyes and lips. The earth tone mask is from Maskc pack.

I wanted to keep this warm tone makeup look using the Space Jam collaboration as well as the accessories paired with it. The Sunmo mini buff bag is perfect to hold a few essential items. The light green tint on the poppy Lissiman sunglasses paired with Mounser Hoop earrings were the perfect pieces in the same color palette as the Space jam tech products.


Earth tone KN95 Face Mask- 25 PACK


$75 ( original price $90 )

Beauty Fit

Invisible Sheild – SPF



So Far So Gone – Hydrating Bold Oil


24.00 £ ($31.63)

Matte Double Liquid Eyeshadow

Huda Beauty


Colorfix Matte


Danessa Myricks


Huestick – burnt orange lipstick


Lived Tinted



Mini Buff Olive Bag




Gold Platted Hoops ( same style/ different colorway)




Jimbob black/green sunglasses

Poppy Lissiman



Tune Squad Player custom Name phone case

Space Jam x Casetify


Tweety Bird Airtag

Space Jam x Casetify


Cover Photo

Photographer: Nik @nikofwest

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