Mixed Jewels in the Tropics

One of my main focuses for spring/summer 2022 was how a specific piece design and color pattern helps to create the environment. The DIDU halter top featuring prismatic green blue watercolor design reminds me of the greenery of a tropical paradise. In addition to its denim panel wrap details, the DIDU top is paired with loose Ganni slub pant. These pants have a lightweight fabric and are essential for the summer months. I have started seeing the reoccurrence of block heels and the buckle detail, this is what drew me into Dries Van Noten heeled sandal. Although the buckle detail has a gold accent the rest of the jewelry and accessories featured were silver.

On a mission to find new brands I haven’t used on this platform, I came cacross Vitaly a “Toronto-based jewelry label crafting future-focused accessories (HBX)”. The sculptured Cobra Ear cuff and the spike necklace feature two separate designs on each half of the necklace. I used the inspiration for the cobra ear cuff with the L’Afshar snakeskin-effect bag. In addition to Vitaly another brand paired this look was Justine Clenquet that “Offers a mixture of styles and a reinterpretations of the ‘70s and ‘80s pieces (HBX)”. I choose to have balance in Vitaly spike design with shimmery and dainty pieces. For the accessories the Kristen Mismatch earrings and Betty Curb Chain bracelet. On the eyes I choose the EOE with contrast in black lining accentuating the prismatic blue tint. The beautiful blue and green piece were used as a focal point with a plum Danessa Myrick’s lip and Maskc blank for protection. All the details in the jewelry design help set my mind for summer weather and the inspiration that naturally comes with it.

Allure variety KN95 Face Mask 10 Pack 


$20 ( original price $39) 

Blue Denim Tank Top



light pant 



Brown Leather Heeled Sandals



Bags accessories 

Ida snakeskin-effect tote bag



Eco Acetate Sunglasses 


$ 270.00


Colorfix Matte ( Eye, Cheek and Lip Pigment)

Plum Wine

Danessa Myrick



Gaia crystal chain anklet

Justine Clenquet 


Betty curb chain bracelet

Justine Clenquet



Spike Necklace 



Kristen mismatch earrings

Justine Clenquet


Cobra Earcuff (right ear)



Cover photo

photo from Conde Nast Traveller

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