How Instagram blessed me with my new Go To photographers?

Instagram is the one social media platform that I use on a everyday basis. I always seem to find a world of different things. Anything from fashion, to new releases to peoples everyday lives. Recently I’ve been satisfied with the lastest photographers that take the ordinary to extraordinary photos. I wanted to share my favorite “go-to” photographers that take beautiful pictures of singers, travels, beauty and glowing landscapes. This post isn’t just to name these photographers but give a little background, my first picture I’ve seen and publisher and clients they’ve worked with.

1.Adrienne Raquel @adrienneraquel

My first picture: The first picture I’ve notice was a photoshoot featuring Lizzo ( Juice and Tempo singer) in Playboy magazine. What caught my eye was the rosy pink background, the mossy green fur jacket and iconic unicorn bling.

Adrienne Raquel is a photographer and artist that uses photography to create a particular emotion. In February, of last year she was featured on the cover of Nylon for Black History Month and Fashion Week, side-by-side other artist.

Publications :Allure, Interveiw, Nylon, Byrdie, New York, Essense, Roc Nation to name a few..

Clients : Nars, Nike , Vsco, Who Wear What, Sally Henson, and Toyota to name a few..

2. Sam Balaban @sdotbalaban

My first picture: This would probably be the pictures Tyler the Creator posted on his Instagram account. Highlighter neon suit, clean white socks and shoes. Tyler the Creator singing at his IGOR concert in the EARFQUAKE inspired outfit.

Sam Balaban a photographer, videographer and editor based in New York. Known for photographing different singers mostly in the rap and R&B genre. I usual find the location of most of his work at concerts where he would take high quality pictures.

Photographed : Tyler the Creator , Jorja Smith, Jonathan Lyndale Kirk (Dababy), Brockhampton, Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), Kali Uchis, and Rosalia to name a few..

3. Mazdack Rassi @milk

My first picture: My first picture from Rassi off any thing Milk related, was when I remember walking to Urban Outfitter and immediately seeing the Milk Makeup products. I was later obsessed with because of it’s holographic shimmers and aesthetically pleasing photos.

Mazdack Rassi began his journey with Milk Studio with different forms of photography. According to Complex Mag. “photography, design, and development for the print digital and physical domains”(Josephine Cruz). Rassi helping other artist such as Kanye West, Alexander Wang, and Shane Oliver (Hood by Air designer). I call his impact on fashion passion and creativity, along with being the youngest American designer to directed high end French House Balenciaga. Others may have heard of Rassi as a founder of Milk Cosmetics and personally one of my favorite cosmetic beauty brands to use in my newest looks.

Clients: Alexi Lubomirski and Milk Figgsis and Terry Richardson to name a few…

4. Tyler Mitchell @tylersphotos

My first picture: When I heard about the new Vogue cover featuring Beyonce it was one of those things that’s unforgettable. All over social media from vintage home made videos to fruit baskets and white dresses. This was when I started to do research of my own to find Tyler Mitchell.

A photographer and filmmaker Tyler Mitchell based in the Brooklyn, New York. He started with skate videos and taking pictures of youth cuture along with fashion and music. Then recieved a B.F.A in Film and Television from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Publications: American Vogue, British Vogue, Teen Vogue, i-D, Dazed Magazine, Document Journal, The FADER to name a few..

Clients: Calvin Klein, Prada, Mercedes Benz, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Converse, Nike to name a few…

5. Issac West @isaacwest

My first picture: I noticed when I saw Euphoria star Zendaya post pictures of her new Paper magazine cover. Zendaya is featured in a red dramatic look on Paper Mag. labeled as Zendaya “Extreme”. The photo told a story and very quicky got me interested in seeing more of Issac West work.

Issac West is a Photographer, Creative Director, and Cinematographer, his work is expressed through mental concepts and simple forms of art.

Written post about West: PaperMAGAZINE, BET, Allure, Afropunk, Yahoo Beauty and Yahoo.

Publication: Essence, Theshaderoom, Idir Magazine, and Voixmeetmoode magazine.

6. Jasper Soloff @jasperegan

My first picture: I noticed Bretman Rock, Youtuber featured on Gay Times magazine I was shocked because it was the first time I’ve seen a big youtuber on a magazine . Rock glowing in a icy blue eyeshadow, nude lipgloss and lavendar dress

Jasper Soloff a New York based photographer and art director that’s worked with several magazines covers to clients that I know and love. He won the 2018 Vfiles photographer of the year.

Publication: GQ, Paper Magazine, Dazed Digital, Dazed Beauty, Gay Times, Billboard, and Wonderland Magazine to name a few..

Director: Sony Universal and Disruptor Records, and Sony Music Entertainment, a to mame a few..

7. Lysa Thiffry @ylisssa

My first picture: I was gravitated to a shot of a airplane window under the tag ” Fontana dell’Acqua Paola”. I not only loved the pastel colors but a reflection of the strap of a Kenzo bag gave the illusion of it on a cloud.

Lysa Thiffry is a photographer and Art Director from Paris that caught my eye with her vivid bright colors. She uses Fashion, Photography, Graphic Design and Social Media all in each post. She worked as a Digital Designer at Vogue New York, Digital Art Designer at Vogue in Paris and is now a Art Director at the Helmut Agency in Paris.

Publication: MAC, YSL Beauty, Elie Saab, Nylon Magazine, ELLE, Maison Courrèges & Vogue.

8. Jen Krause @jen.Krause

My first picture: A video Jen Krause did with LeniPaperboat of them in a series of different places and video shoots taken at different angles. I like the video which inspired me to glance through more of her feed.

Jen Krause is a photographer, and a world traveler. She travels around the world and takes photos of peoples everyday lives. The pictures she takes feature buildings, architecture and landscapes.

Publications: Stell Mag, Institue Mag, Elegant Mag, Socosi x Disney to name a few…

Thank you for reading this post. I wanted the colors to jump off the page along with my words. I hope you enjoy.

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